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July 15, 2014, 10:00 PM

YOUTH CAMP - Tall Timbers - Woodworth, LA

Day 1 - Traveling to Tall Timbers -  And we're off and running! To Tall Timbers~ Woodworth Louisiana 
Stopped along the way for a picnic under a shade tree!
Detoured to England Airbase to take a gaze at some old war planes. Awesome on every level!
 Check out our pictures in the photo section.          Day 2  - Morning - July 15th Praise God ! One more name from our youth group has been entered into The Lambs Book Of Life! We heard a powerful Word from Pastor Casey last night from Ecclesiastes on our Junk ~ all tha t stuff we run after and hoard ~ all that keeps us away from Him ~ it is vanity and vanity is worthless. Even though the pictures are capturing fun they are being immersed in Worship and Bible study and awesome fellowship . We don't capture worship! That is Spirit and Truth  - Linda Lawless, Counselor          Day 2  - Afternoon - Name number two written in Heaven this week from our group! Just this afternoon ~ middle of the day~ outside~ amidst all the playing ~~~~~God meets you anywhere at anytime ~~~wonderful group of staffers - Linda Lawless, Counselor

Day 3 - Early Morning - Hump Day ~~a grand day! Puffy eyes , sleepy heads, sore muscles...and we say Bring On The Day ! Grateful for that tiny bit of quietness when we walked outside early this morning and all still asleep! - Linda Lawless, Counselor          Day 3 - Morning - God 's mercies and blessings just keep on pouring out~ we could not have ordered a more perfect day ~ beautiful blue sunny skies ~ low humidity ~and an awesome easterly breeze-how incredible for mid July in South Louisiana~ all I know is God is here and He is showing His stuff as the kids say ~~~~~~the third name in our group has been written in Heaven. !!!!!! We are speechless! - Linda Lawless Counselor          Day 3 - AfternoonAn afternoon of tournaments. Our Bethany Spizzirri Spartans were an awesome football team. ~ went really high in the bracket ~ one game short:( playing against the staff! - Linda Lawless, Counselor          Day 4 - Morning - Thursday ~ still basking in the residue of last nights worship service. Pastor Casey brought the message on spiritual warfare and there was meat delivered to the table. Deep teaching yet when the Holy Spirit deciphers it and delivers it to your heart and mind ~ things happen . The spirit of unity between 370 ish campers praising God with everything in them ~ voices raised~ hands held high~ bended knees ~~~it leaves indelible marks on your heart and mind~~I know there was a great rejoicing in Heaven at the sight and sound of so many young hearts pouring out praise to God for His goodness His mercy and His grace. - Linda Lawless, Counselor

Day 5 - Early Morning


Good morning! Last day for the PAUSE 2014 Clear Camp . Cannot find words to explain the week~ I guess transformed would be a good place to start. We all pressed Pause on Monday and will hit Play when we arrive back home today. We have been under the shadow of The Almighty and we like it there and want to stay. However, we are armored up and ready to defend the hill ~ that would be Calvary's hill. Continue to prayer as we hear our final orders this morning and say our farewells~ we've made friends we will possibly never see again ~life changing ......and God has blessed us with some great rain~ pray for safe passages back home with all this precious priceless cargo ~love you and thank you for your prayer covering~ it has been an awesome umbrella ~. Love you to eternity Mrs. Linda and the students from Bethany Baptist Church